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Personal Resilience is about sustainable high performance i.e. being your best when it matters most. It’s about having Growth Mindset to meet the demanding market and stakeholder needs. Personal resilience is developed through four pillars of IBM’s Leading with Resilience Framework. Personal Resilience is a natural by product to anyone who practices Meditation regularly
There is huge amount of research in Neuroscience linking Meditation to Growth Mindset. This program is for People Managers and Practitioners, for rapid development of Mindfulness and Resilience skills across their organizations. This program has rich set of Mindfulness topics and is highly focused on practicing Breath Meditation technique.

Upon successful completion of the program, an individual will become a practitioner of Meditation and gain immense benefits. This program will require 2 full days of time commitment. Further details of the program can be found overleaf.
Mindfulness and meditation journey are very personal and anchored on one’s own practice and individual experiences. It is best developed in individuals by sharing of experiences among each other. Teaching is the best form of learning. The more one shares and enables others, the more one learns!